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Closing our 12th Season - 2013

As You Like It

Photos by Michael McLane, John Whittaker


Duke Senior, in exile David Hambley
Rosalind, his daughter Katherine Steele Brokaw
Amiens, attending him Pete Magazinovic
Jaques, attending him Heike Hambley
a Lord, attending him Chad Stafford
Duke Frederick, the usurper David Hambley
Celia, his daughter Carolina Stevens
Le Beau Rick Morrison
Charles, the wrestler Micah Chandler
Touchstone, the court jester Shawn Overton
Orlando Jon Cates
Eve, his servant Linda Hammer-Brown
Oliver, his older brother Joshua Palafox
Dennis, Oliver's servant Chad Stafford
Corin, a shepherd David Elam
Silvius, a shepherd Kyle Duval
Phoebe, a shepherdess Roni Espinoza
Audrey, a goatherder Julie Ransom
William Eduardo Cuevas
Sir Oliver Martext David H. Brown
Hymen, the goddess of marriage Karen Damme
Pages Emily C. Wilson,
Edlyn Morrow, and
Abby Samuelson

Production Staff

Director Colton Dennis
Producer Heike Hambley
Stage Manager Sandy Hay
Assistant Stage Manager Cassey Hay
Costumes Karen Damme
Props Jenell Barnes
Drop Painters Corey Strauss,
Chris Battisti,
Diane Kocher,
Bridget Mitchell, and
Rachel Rodrigues
Make-Up Casey Barnes
All-Around Tech Support John Richardson
Sound Engineer Hugh Simpson
Tech Staff Dob Francise
Dramaturg Katherine Steele Brokaw
Dance Choreography Noelle Chandler,
Taj Pabla
Fight Choreography Micah Chandler
Show Handyman David Elam
Program David Hambley