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Our First Season - 2002

Much Ado About Nothing

Photos by Michael McLane


Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon Tommy Dallas
Don John, his bastard brother Zachary Ellis
Claudio, a young lord of Florence Jim Bennett
Benedick, a lord of Florence David Hambley
Leonato, governor of Messina Michael Egan
Antonio, his brother Bert Roper
Conrade, follower of Don John Sam Vieira
Borachio, a follower of Don John Barzillai Chandler
Friar Francis Rick Morrison
Dogberry, a constable Tory Marcon
Verges, a headborough Daniel Munoz
Hero, daughter to Leonato Gabriela Barrera
Beatrice, niece to Leonato Julianne Aguilar
Margaret, waiting gentlewoman Emma Carlsgaard
Ursula, waiting gentlewoman Karina Turner
Messenger/Boy Michael Chambers
Sexton David Elam
Watchmen Janis Robinson
Marco Pablo
P.J. Lease
Attendants Hannah Redd-Hallman
Latricia Ronveaux
Keith McIntire

Production Staff

Director Heike Hambley
Stage Manager David Elam
Costumes Corie Young
Carolyn Hart
Props Rena Payan
Fight Choreography Paul Sparacino
Original Music Eric Stephen Bocks
Sound/Tech Support John Richardson
Choreography Julianne Aguilar