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Continuing our 16th Season - 2017

Troilus and Cressida

Photos by Shawn Overton


     The Trojans
Priam, King of Troy David Spieker
Cassandra, Priam's daughter, a soothsayer Lorelei Sprague
Troilus, Priam's youngest son Teddy Snyder
Paris, Priam's middle child Tyan Myrza
Hector, Priam's oldest son, Prince of Troy Jim Bennett
Andromache, Hector's wife Jennifer Golden
Aeneas, Trojan leader Amber Rain Fowler
Cressida Seska Gimlin
Pandarus, Cressida's uncle Colton Dennis
Alexandria, Cressida's servant Haley Brooke Paulissian
     The Greeks
Agamemnon Heike Hambley
Nestor Karen Damme
Ulysses Carin Heidelbach


Travis Blansit


Joe Favila


Samuel McCart


Adrian Quezada

Helen, Menelaus' wife and Paris' captive

Juniper Sprague


Luis Aguilar

Thersites, a fool

Emma Hundley

Production Staff

Director Traci Sky Sprague
Scenic Design Chad Phillips
Lighting Design / Technical Director Chad Phillips
Costume Design Haley Brooke Paulissian
Sound Design Traci Sky Sprague
Fight Choreographer Andrew Sutherland
Stage Manager Adrianne Blackwood
Fight Captain

Travis Blansit

Light Board Operator Kayla Ann Sonnenfeld
Sound Board Operator Mason Snyder
Scenic Artists / Construction Skylar Francis

Stuart Pierce

Merced College Dean: Fine & Performing Arts John Albano
Photography Shawn Overton