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Opening our 11th Season - 2012

The Merchant of Venice

Photos by Michael McLane


Antonio, a merchant of Venice David Hambley
Bassanio, his friend and suitor to Portia Jim Bennett
Gratiano, their friend Josef Wise
Salerio, their friend Justin Choi
Solanio, their friend Rick Morrison
Lorenzo, in love with Jessica Garrett Mayer
Shylock, a rich Jew Reed Boyer
Tubal, his friend Bert Roper
Portia, a rich heiress Katherine Brokaw
Nerissa, her waiting maid Julie Ransom
Jessica, daughter of Shylock Traci Sprague
Doge of Venice Shariananda Adamz
Prince of Morocco Greg Ruelas
Prince of Arragon Greg Ruelas
Launcelot, a clown Dob Francise
Barbara, servant to Portia Karen Damme
Gaoler Mike Sullivan
Maid Servant Marla Pettygrove
Pages Twila Cuenca
Colby Hanning
Edlyn Morrow

Production Staff

Director and Producer Heike Hambley
Stage Manager Chris Battisti
Costumes Karen Damme
Props Jenell Barnes
Drop Painting & Design Corey Strauss
Additional Drop Painter Diane Kocher
Light Design Chris Battisti
Tech Support John Richardson, Dob Francise
Sound Design Mike Kittel
Original Music Composer Joey No-Knows
House Manager Sue First
Show Handyman David Elam
Poster/Art Design Josef Wise
Program David Hambley, Bert Roper