See Free Shakespeare in Applegate Park!

Continuing our 15th Season - 2016


Photos by Shawn Overton


Macbeth Colton Dennis
Lady Macbeth Traci Sprague
Duncan Michael Hewitt
Malcolm, his daughter TaNayiah Bryels
Donalbain, his son Tyler Botill
Banquo, thane David Hambley
Fleance, his son Spencer Brown




Sologne Patterson,

Linda Hammer-Brown,

Marla Pettygrove

Witch-in-training Haley Paulissian
Macduff, thane Jim Bennett
Lady Macduff Emily C. Wilson

Macduff children



Spencer Brown,

Abby Samuelson,

Courtney Fierro

Ross, thane Ryan Mirza
Lennox, thane

Glenn Bourgeois

Caithnes, thane Robert Paul
Captain / Angus, thane Dylan Odom
Porter Michael Hewitt
1st Murderer

Dylan Odom

2nd Murderer Pete Magazinovic
Seyton Haley Paulissian
Siward Pete Magazinovic
Young Siward, his son Edmond Bennett-Young
Doctor David H. Brown
Gentlewoman Heike Hambley

Old Man

Rick Morrison

Servant to Macbeth Tyler Botill


Edmond Bennett-Young

Musicians - Merced Baroque Sinfonia

Sandra Stocking flute
Cait Hunsuck Serpa violin
Emily Reed violin
Nathan Hunsuck cello
Ben Serpa bass
Christian Moe percussion

Production Staff

Director and Producer Heike Hambley
Co-Producer Sandy Hay
Stage Manager Debbie Bennett
Costumes Karen Damme
Props Jenell Barnes
Fight Choreographer Micah Chandler
Fight Captain Pete Magazinovic
Special make-up Zane Fierro
Set Designer Chad Phillips
Lighting Designer Heather Holt
Light Board Operator Walter Hoppe
Sound Designer Sandy Hay
Projections / Photographer Shawn Overton

Tech Support



Walter Hoppe,

Skylar Francise,

Dob Francise

Poster Design Shawn Overson
Program David Hambley