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Our Eighth Season - 2009

Love's Labour's Lost

Photos by Michael McLane


Ferdinand, King of Navarre Jim Bennett
Biron, lord attending on King Andrew Burkum
Longaville, lord attending on King Marco Antonio Vazquez
Dumaine, lord attending on King Daniel Essenmacher
Princess of France Amber Kirby
Rosaline, lady attending on Princess Athena Sandoval
Maria, lady attending on Princess Shelley Rohde
Katherine, lady attending on Princess Hannah Redd-Hallman
Boyet, lord attending on Princess David Hambley
Don Adriano de Armado Gregory Ruelas
Costard, a clown Michael Winder
Jaquenetta, a country wench Noelle D.W. Chandler
Holoferna, a schoolmistress Linda M. Hammer-Brown
Sir Nathaniel, a curate Bert Roper
Dull, a constable David Elam
Moth, page to Armado Tim Warner
Forester David H. Brown
Mercade, a lord of France Rick Morrison
Ferdinand's servant Chad Stafford
Additional pre-show performers Queren Casillas, Jacquilyn Childress,
Cornell Ellison, Mike Ellis,
Daniel Galindo, Ramon Vargas

Production Staff

Director Heike Hambley
Stage Manager Sarah Winter
Costumes Julianne Aguilar
Props Jenell and Rich Barnes
Choreographer Noelle D.W. Chandler
Sound Design Courtney Cardoza
Sound Engineers John Richardson (Absolute Design),
Dob Francise (Ogre Pro)
Tech Support David Elam, John Richardson,
Dob Francise, David Hambley
Artwork Jenell Barnes
Drop Painters Jenell Barnes, Dob Francise
Pre-Show Coordinator Cornell Ellison